Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The gay street

Overheard on the street in my Castro neighborhood.

Two middle aged white males walking together. One says:
"You know that wig of mine? The silver one, that's almost pink? In the pixie style."

Two middle aged white males leaving the subway. The first says,
"You been following the Giants?"
The other:
"Nah. I'm a fan, but not a huge fan. And I still haven't recovered
from all the excitement last year over the Series win. It was
emotionally exhausting. I'll have to wait awhile."

Two twenty-something white males, crossing Castro
and 18th Street. One to the other:
"You're such a pushy bottom and you know it.
Don't even try it."

A black TV* reporter with camera and mike asks a middle aged
white male gay guy in muscle shirt, three day stubble and
sunglasses and cap if he thinks the Prop 8 judge should have recused
himself because he's gay:
"Everyone's equal. It shouldn't matter."

*Given the neighborhood, I should clarify. This means "television",
not "transvestite".


I think that the ruling should stand on its merits,
no matter who wrote it. But being contrarian, this is the real world. 
The judge was foolish and
self-indulgent to take the case if his private life could be used to call
his impartiality into question, validly or not. Being convinced
that you are right (plus feeling hard done by) does not excuse you from
using the old cardinal virtue of prudence.

Cause you know very well that if the judge had been revealed to be
a strong Evangelical Christian and had ruled in favor of Prop 8,
don't you think the gay side would now be raising bloody hell on the
same grounds that their opponents are now holding?

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