Sunday, August 22, 2010

Technology and vice

Well, I am stocked up on cigars for a while. I downloaded an app to my new iPhone, one which lays out the whole public transportation system in SF, giving you maps, times of pickup at each stop, etc. Has a GPS, so it can also tell you all the nearby stops for any line. Amazing stuff. So I took the 24 over to Noe Valley and caught the 48 up to Portola and Woodside, got my evil cigars at the Korean liquor store, had a cup of coffee at the historic Starbucks across the street from the Purple Temple of the Lutheran Ball-Crushing Goddess and then walked a few blocks --knowing I had plenty of time-- to get the 37 down to Market and Castro. And the weather is really great. Really perfect sunny Sunday morning. The city is so damn beautiful today.

At the bus stop I met an out of town vet who was planning his trip out to the VA at Fort Miley tomorrow for medical care and gave him an easier route than he was planning. In return he told me that 30 years ago he was here for a while, using meth, and spent a day or two --as far as he could remember-- on the Sutro Tower, right above where we were waiting for the bus.

Now THAT had to be cold...but he probably didn't feel a thing.

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