Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is not

a Unitarian Universalist service.

Nineteenth century. Cathedral of Amiens in France.

Roman Catholicism is so cool.


Anonymous said...

Could there have been Roman Catholic cool without Roman Catholic "homophobia"? To wish the end is to wish the means, as Nietzsche says somewhere of karma. ... Without the intense spirituality, probably including sacerdotal celibacy, "high church" ornateness becomes mere props (as I guess the Tridentine mass now feels when it is done) or even "camp." ... I feel for you, but I think you should prefer Heidegger at the cost of Vatican 2 rather than sacerdotalist cool and ultimately mere Egyptianism.

Anonymous said...

P.S. And anyway, what's done is done. No turning the clock back to Catholicism prior to the Council or the application of the Council or whatever it was that happen'd to "the" Church as left by Pius 12. You can't argue that you must reject Heidegger and Macquarrie on grounds that deconstruction will impair worship in the pre-WW1 Catholic Church.

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