Saturday, March 13, 2010

The passing of years

Today is my birthday. I had a very nice celebration. Very nice. Partly conventional, partly not. It included hot dogs and burghers (sic) ...and the Gates of Stanford. At the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, I posed with a mummified baboon...who is older than me.

Picnic on a bench, on a blanket, under a tree to keep the rain off, in Rosicrucian Park, across from a plaque quoting the Delphic Oracle: "No one is wiser than Socrates because he knows he knows nothing."

Menu: Sandwiches of Molinari hot sausages and peppers, roasted chicken thighs, roasted beets with parsley, tortellini with sauteed vegetables, oranges, and Canada Dry Diet Ginger Ale (!).

Thanks, Boyo.


Leah said...

Happy Birthday! So now you have to go to museums to find something older than you, lol!

Anonymous said...

Re the picture of you at Facebook for this event: no surprise that you don't "throw like a girl," as I sometimes do. (A made-up name I used to use rather often was "Jack Puelloid.")

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