Sunday, March 14, 2010

Queer, continued

Why do gay men who are fashion designers spend so much time dressing up women?
I really don't get it. Really. I don't.
I can't tell you how deeply uninterested I am in women's clothes.
Really. I can't.

In my Aristotelian wonderings about what gay men are for, what their purpose is, one of the themes that comes up is: decoration and ornament.


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Anonymous said...

Maybe your aporia here is from a too simplistic notion of "gay." You of all people shouldn't fall into this mistake. ... I mean, I could say »Why do so many female human beings spend so much time dressing up? Why are clothes and especially shoes so important and fascinating for them? I really don't get it. I can't tell you how deeply uninterested I am in clothes and shoes. Really. I can't.« Or I could say »Why do so many men spend so much time playing golf and watching golf on TV. I really don't get it. I can't tell you how deeply uninterested I am in golf.
Really. I can't.« Or chess. Or horseback riding. Or going to certain venues in order to "be seen." ...
Why should homo males be all that much the same? Hetero males are not all that much the same, even re styles of masculinity and maleness. Indeed a lot of us hetero males aren't even really hetero.
P.S. About styles of masculinity: I can't tell you how far back into my head my eyes would roll when some Straussian males I used to know would get together to drink brandy and smoke cigars. Apparently part of the deal was they thought that by this action they were showing respect for Winston Churchill, but also that they were showing that they had learnt masculinity or manliness from Churchill. ... Just as expressing feminineness is important for many women and girls, and expressing effeminacy is important for many gay males, I think for a lot of guys "expressing" manliness is important. It isn't important to me. Maybe a feeling that expressing manliness is important is more likely to occur in homoerotic males than in heteroerotic. ... If womengirls kept indicating that they were offput by my manner because I didn't seem "masculine" enough, then maybe I'd try to do some "manly" things -- but maybe not: I know I'd subject it to a cost-benefit analysis, which proves that I don't think it important to seem manly to women-in-general. But what pleases womengirls in a guy's presentation seems to be good clothing, not a manly manner. So I'm sitting pretty. ... I mean, if ever I wish to please womengirls in general in how I appear, I'll just go out and buy some fine suits. (But for that task, I'd have to get advice. I don't know now what a good suit is.)

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