Friday, March 26, 2010

Randy non-constitutional musings

I have always found a combination of sameness and difference to be erotic. It varies. Sometimes the intensification of the difference is most appealing. Like imagining these two men getting to know each other up close. An adult update of the classic eromenos and erastes pairing in Greece. Younger, older. Smooth, furry.

The guy above is Josh Weston, a porn performer*. I have passed him in the street. Porcelain skin, totally lean muscle and the best set of shoulders you could ask for.

The fella here below has his profile up on another site and describes himself as "better at being a guy than being gay." I'm sure that's not his only talent.

For those of you who require some transhormonal depth of meaning, you can tag this post under argument from design.

*He died in December 2012 from HIV at age 39.



Anonymous said...

Heterosexual love-making is also an exciting combination of erotic difference.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Apparently! :)

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