Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's wrong with homosexuality II: what the Dodo Bird said

This is the second in a three-part post, 
from the perspective of a gay man, 

about what is wrong with homosexuality.

Part One is here. Part Three is here.

You can read all three sections together

So, if male/male sex is wonderful, congruent and natural (NB: see part 1), what’s the problem?

First, this is primarily about male homosexuality. The problem that I see is in fact very much connected with the rest of the so-called LGBT “community”, --in fact the very existence of this Balkanoid acronym is a symptom--but let’s face it: gay men are the issue, the hotbutton, the fulcrum, the flashpoint. In terms of numbers, influence, visibility, vocality, anxiety, and sheer cultural crazymakingness, it is pretty well all about us.

Here goes. I’ll just state my conclusion and do the inductive stuff afterwords.

This is the problem with male homosexuality:

It is not the erotic drive itself, but its social shape as determined by gay culture. "Gayness" in men has become allied with a social and political agenda that seeks to remake the West into a feminist-driven society without any real men at all. 
Ironically, "gayness" is hostile to manhood, to ordinary and classical masculinity. That is what's wrong with it.

Feminists and gays are allied in naming the real man, aka the “straight” or “conventional” or “traditional” male, as the oppressor. (While at the same time contemning the very idea of a "real" man.) In regard to gays, his crime is to exclude homosexual males from the circle of men. The feminist gay response here is to deconstruct, marginalize, pathologize and render laughable and antique the very idea of manhood. Just mention “the patriarchy” and, magically, having dismissed all of human thought and history before the last ten minutes, you don't have to think anymore.

In order that gay men should be included in a diverse and sensitive concept of what a man is, the concept of manhood needs to be emptied of anything like a standard or a requirement. Lewis Carroll’s LGBT Dodo Bird proclaims, “All have won and all shall have prizes!”. The deadly irony here is that gay men collude with man-hating feminists to erase the very object of our erotic desire, so that we can be included in the emptied circle where he once existed.

The problem is not homosexual desire itself or homosexual relationships themselves, but the use to which homosexuality is put as part of a larger social agenda. The great irony is that homosexuality, caught up in leftism and feminism, is part of an anti-male force.

So the problem is this: if anyone who wants to, can claim to be a man, then there are no men left at all.

Part III: the end of manhood


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)))Munchkin Person))) said...

Tochic Masculinity is fundamentally responsible for all wars in the human era... Think about it.

Yes, change the west to become a giant K-pop with a islamic underclasses is not the minimally ponderated but...

It's difficult to deny the enormous dick-role of males on all big human problems.

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