Thursday, November 14, 2013

On "sending the wrong message"

What makes you think anyone is paying attention to you?

PS. I notice how "sending the wrong message" has replaced "setting a bad example." Must mean something.

UPDATE. "Must mean something."  What it means is that people who use this phrase --liberals, especially, since I suspect they invented it-- see themselves as teachers (aka propagandists) of the masses. As the recently late Kenneth Minogue wrote, we are constantly bombarded by our liberal masters with "a stream of improving messages".

The repugnant Mama Michelle Antoinette Obama's hectoring about childhood obesity is just one example of the Secular Church of the Liberal State and Culture, obsessing about our attitudes and our private behaviors, "health and safety" Nazis, even requiring us to keep our "H8"-ful thoughts in line. Cause after all, hateful thoughts lead to hate speech and hate crimes, don't they? Every time you refuse to embrace gay marriage, gay kittens commit suicide!

I am no fan of Jimmy Carter, to put it mildly, but I remember how he was condescendingly mocked  by the elites for piously confessing that he had "committed adultery in his heart" by his un-enacted sexual desires. This was not Jimmy's invention, btw, it was Jesus'. Matthew 5.27-28. Very puritanical and restrictive, no?

But for the Secular Church, "committing racism in your heart", well, that's a different matter altogether. That's serious. It is as avidly and relentlessly policed as any Victorian vicar on the lookout for a naked ankle.* The PC Vice Squad.

God, I hate these people (in my heart...)

If you say "set a bad example", on the other hand,  you assume that people will choose, of their own free will, to imitate something that they may or may not see. Leaving them to their own devices like that, untaught, well that would be...irresponsible.


*On The Big Bang Theory, the two smarty White women correct fellow-White bartender/waitress Penny just for describing Rajesh Koothrapali as her "Indian friend." Racist!


Anonymous said...

I am unfamiliar with the meanings of these phrases in the liberal lexicon. Could you shed some light?


OreamnosAmericanus said...

It's usually part of a discussion about how to handle a case which they think is significant. For example, if a young boy in early grade school kisses a girl, they'd don't just smile and realize that it happens all the time as part of normal development. Given their belief that we live in a "patriarchal rape-culture with a war against women, blah, blah", doing nothing would "send the wrong message." So the kid gets expelled. All of the ludicrous "zero tolerance" policies are based on this.

Unknown said...

Carter's problem was, and is, the typical Evangelical/Baptist one: every thought of the believer becomes, in some weird way, something from God. Self-importance on a cosmic scale joined to micro-management masquerading as humility.
Laughable, except that it leads to stupidity like Prohibition and "Pray the Gay Away" and "Diversity Workshops".

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Aside from seminarians, decades ago, my direct acquaintance with Evangelicals is limited to TV, print and the internet. But if Catholic Pentecostals are anything akin to them, I do remember them talking about "the Lord was speaking to my heart" when it came to the most mundane of activities or desires. Very annoying.

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