Tuesday, November 05, 2013

More evilthinking

Short Canadian blogress Kathy Shaidle --aka Five Feet of Fury--is part of my daily reads, both for keeping me up to date with Canuckistan and for her ability to write thoughts which I generally keep to myself. She has a flair. And liberals loathe her. Must be up to something good.

Post title: The world still has too many foreigners.*

This yet-one-more-of-seemingly-endless example of Third World "migrants" and "asylum seekers" in Europe attacking and/or killing a Native Person (aka an actual White Norwegian) reminds me that Generation Identity, the French-inspired anti-immigrant and anti-Boomer movement among young Euros has taken to using the word "la racaille" to describe foreigners, especially those who attack the natives. In French, the word means "scum."

Their "declaration of war" with translation here, and my post on the book, here.

Hard to argue.

She also is an advocate of depriving women of the vote, as in her charmingly titled post: Clueless Liberal White Bitch of the Week. 

So un-Canadianly rude.

*Her gift for the one-liner is clear. Her basic response to the Nanny Staters who control her country: You're Not Smart Enough To Tell Me How To Live. To badly behaved Blacks: We Should Have Picked Our Own Cotton. To any Muslim: Stop All Muslim Immigration Now! And most rudely, to anything that the inhabitants of  the Land of the Rising Sun do to displease her: Japan: Nuked Too Much Or Not Enough?

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