Friday, November 15, 2013

Bizarro world

It always amazes me how it is the most liberal people and groups who stand up loudest and most reactively in defense of the most ill-liberal religion and people in the world, Islam.

The obvious reason is that Muslims are a Third-World religion, very unWhite, and therefore Mohammedans are coded not as adherents of a religion but as People of Color, granted license and deference, and with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereunto. Both Muslims and Muslim-enablers cry out "Racist!" any time a Paleface dares to criticize The Religion of Peace.

The less obvious reason --one that many cultural liberals are unaware of and would deny-- is that both Liberalism and Islam are enemies of the West. Islam has been making war, literally, against Christendom and its secular successor, since 634 AD, following the example of its warlord-prophet, to set up a perfect theocratic kingdom on earth.  Liberalism, the toxic parricidal spawn of the West itself, seeks to dismantle its own culture and civilization --as did its prototype, Marxism-- likewise aims at an egalitarian utopia to replace the evils of the Dead White European Males.

How else could self-respecting Progressives become allies of a religion and culture that is galactically patriarchal, institutionally sexist, environmentally oblivious, happily martial and violent in the extreme, and imperialist and theocratic to its core?

You only get away with these things if you are UnWhite.

Imagine for a moment, a new religion. Founded just after World War II. By an Afrikaaner prophet, middle-aged merchant Hendrik van Kruger, in the city of Pretoria. Incorporating a lot of material from the Old Testament as well as its own version of the New, this additional new revelation sees itself as correcting their corrupted interpretation with a new and ultimate religious truth for the whole earth. This new faith frankly and boldly:

•celebrates male dominance,
•requires its women to dress in antique clothing
and participate in polygamous marriages
•maintains a para-military wing to defend itself by sanctified violence
and to stake out new territory it captures, believe that its prophet has called them
to establish his new order everywhere on earth.
•reduces any non-members in its sphere who refuse conversion
either to vulnerable second-class semi-apartheid status or even death*,
•reinstitutes slavery
•seeks to replace the secular government of South Africa
with one directed entirely by the successors of the prophet and his teachings,
•considers Afrikaans to be a divinely sacred and superior language,
restricting real understanding of the prophet's infallible words
only to Afrikaans speakers,
•develops a complex legal code of behavior controlling the clean and unclean in sex, food, clothing, prayer, relations with outsiders, money and inheritance, with its own law courts,
•makes sex outside marriage a crime
•instates capital punishment for homosexuality and for attempting to leave the van Kruger religion or even speaking about him without deference, much less criticism.

*Christians, Jews and Muslims, regardless of their color, are reduced to second-class status on payment of protection money and a promise to submit to the superior status of their new masters, while practitioners of traditional African religions and Western atheists are required to convert or be shot or sold off as slaves.

Can you guess what the Western progressive (or UN) response might be to this Mormon-Nazi nightmare cult? Any inkling?

What if hundreds of thousands of Hendrik van Krug's devotees wanted to emigrate to Europe and America, places their prophet has judged decadent and ripe for conversion? Would Pope Francis be weeping if they died in shipwrecks off the coast of Lampedusa? If nineteen of them blew up the Empire State building and killed thousands of New Yorkers, would the country respond by doubling their rate of immigration and declaring any criticism of them as evil phobic paranoid un-American H8?

But how, I ask, is this imaginary new 70 year old spiritual movement that different from the 1400 year old religion of Islam?

What color do you think the answer might be?

Bizarro World doesn't even begin to cover it.


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