Monday, November 25, 2013

Facts, Democrats and the JFK Legend

Facts, Democrats and the JFK Legend | VDH's Private Papers:

Contemporary Liberalism has "declared war on Christianity and Judaism and attempted to drive those faiths from the public square––excluding of course Islam, the faith of most of the terrorist murderers active across the globe. "

Oh, really? Make a list of how the religion of Judaism is to be driven out.

And ask yourself how many of those behind the war on Christianity have been Jews.

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Anonymous said...

Hanson neglects to mention that, in many cases, it was Jews who spearheaded the early "separation of church and state" initiatives to remove prayer from public schools and Christian symbols from public areas. That's not being venomous, that's being honest.


OreamnosAmericanus said...

It's a sad fact that although there are tons of wonderful Jews --some in my own family now-- who are very live and let live, secularized and leftist Jews have hugely disproportionate power and influence and have often used that to the detriment of the Christians of the Christian country that welcomed them with unprecedented acceptance.

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