Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Your tax dollars at work

A mole in the local teachers union let me know how the educators of our youth are encouraged by their union to spend this Friday, a working day.

Occupy day of actions January 20
This Friday January 20th will be an exciting full day of multiple actions targeting the richest 1%. There will be dozens of individual actions throughout the day to participate in, but the union's Occupy SF Solidarity Committee is asking members to prioritize four specific actions in the afternoon (see below). Can you join us?

1pm • Occupy the Courts @ 9th Circuit Court of Appeals 95, 7th Street.
Join us at the steps of the Federal Court House to demand an end to the awful "Citizens United" decision and propose an amendment to outlaw "Corporate Personhood." Music and art, too!

2pm • Ralph Lauren @ 90 Post (at Kearny) organized by OSF Labor Solidarity Committee. Last December's port shutdown down exposed the unfair working conditions of port truck drivers. The moving "Open Letter From America's Port Truck Drivers on Occupy the Ports" went viral in the lead up to the shutdown as thousands of online activists (33,000 on Facebook alone) clicked "shared."

The Occupy movement continues its support of Port of Oakland workers and the "89%" of workers who are not unionized. The OccupySF Labor Solidarity Working Group will be visiting Ralph Lauren to shed light on the unfair working conditions, union busting, and environmentally unfriendly practices of its aforementioned shipping company, the notorious multinational Toll Group, which fired 26 Los Angeles port drivers attempting to unionize.
3pm • State Office Building @ 455 California. Join SFSU activists to occupy Governor Brown's San Francisco office to demand that we tax corporations and the wealthy 1% to restore education and other crucial services for the 99%. Support the Millionaires Tax and public education! Called by The Debt Offensive affinity group of Occupy San Francisco State University.

4:15pm • Grand Hyatt Union Square @ 345 Stockton. Join the Hyatt workers' picket that ends with a march to Sutter & Montgomery to meet up with OSF on the way to closing event at 555 California. Hyatt, the most abusive employer in the hotel industry, is run by a single family of billionaires, the Pritzkers. 11 Pritzkers are on the Forbes 400 list of America's richest individuals. Hyatt is the epitome of the 1%, and was instrumental in evicting Occupy SF from Bradley Manning Plaza.

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Anonymous said...

thousands of online activists (33,000 on Facebook alone) clicked "shared."

Women and leftists confuse activity with achievement.

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