Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Politics on the ground

Remarks and reflections from a bantering session with a friend this morning.

Aside from certain sexual and reproduction-related issues, can you name me any issues on which progressives/liberals do not require

1. more money out of my pocket in taxes
2. more regulation of increasing areas of behavior?

They fulfill James Burnham's prediction of the managerial state. Not a socialism where private property is owned by the goverment, but --as with National Socialism in Germany,  btw-- private property is so heavily and closely regulated and controlled by the government as to make an actual takeover almost superfluous.

My friend was disgusted that certain members of the Christian Right --one of his personal betes noirs--have declared that regardless of Mitt Romney's politics, they cannot vote for him, because a Latter Day Saint in the White House would legitimate the religion of Mormonism. Because he is a dog lover, I asked him if he could vote for a politically compatible Muslim, given Islam's designation of pooches as unclean animals whose presence in a house drives out angels, deprives one of virtue and makes prayer impossible. Well, of course he would not vote for such a person with such a stupid religious view. I dubbed him the Canine Right.

Speaking of dogs and progressives, my friend expressed some very un-Christian wishes about progressive and dog-concerned SF supervisor Scott Weiner, one more of our secularist Calvins here in Geneva-by-the-Bay.

Did I say something about progressives, money and regulation?

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