Sunday, January 08, 2012

From bad to WTF?

The baptismal font in the Sistine Chapel, modern 1996 version

and the brand new one just installed for use at Epiphany 2012

Designed by a priest-professor of liturgy in Rome, "the new font is presented as an olive tree, whose base is a stone taken from the Jordan River, and whose top is a shiny golden ball representing the sun, which, when opened becomes a shell containing the water for baptism."

Here it is with the top on...

This certainly calls for a caption contest...

The Beast Who Ate Cleveland?
A Space Ship Landed In My Olive Tree?


Anonymous said...

"If you can only get one ornament for your Cristmas tree -- make it a giant golden ball. Available at Wallmart."

"Darn it, Xorg! Will you watch where you're landing this thing?"


PNWReader said...

Beware the giant golden papal goose!

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