Thursday, January 12, 2012

The sacred digital divide

FBook tried to get me to friend an old work colleague. The very straight guy who got all girly and gushy about Obama's smile. His profile included a link to this site:

Founded          2010

About              SacredAgent is the first interactive online source of personalized wisdom.

Our intelligent software “Agent” learns about your troubles and hopes, and selects insights just for you from 5,000 years of the world’s most respected secular and spiritual sources--including psychology, literature, science, and sports, in addition to the major religious traditions.

Whether you’re a devout practitioner of a particular tradition, interested in an interfaith blend, or prefer exclusively secular wisdom, SacredAgent will deliver insights that meet your needs.

SacredAgent delivers wisdom as a unique multimedia experience within a stunning visual and auditory landscape. We invite you to explore this new path in your journey.

Description            NOTE (APRIL 28, 2011): The SacredAgent website cannot handle the traffic it's receiving. We've taken the site down while we upgrade the site architecture and server infrastructure. We plan to reactivate SacredAgent soon. To receive a notification when we're back up, please "Like" this Facebook page. Thank you!

So I went over to the website to get my shot of the interactive online source of personalized wisdom. And got this.

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