Sunday, January 08, 2012


Like "discriminatory" and "exclusionary", the word pair "overrepresented" and "underrepresented" are politically loaded rhetorical devices designed to block thinking and to serve a progressive agenda. Even the dictionary definition of underrepresented acknowledges that it describes "inadequate" representation rather than "disproportionate." Disproportion simply describes a mathematical difference, while inadequacy clearly inscribes a complaint and implies a need for remedy.

No one ever complains that Blacks are overrepresented in basketball or the civil service, only in prison or on death row. Jews are underrepresented in the military; when was the last time you heard a hue and cry about that? Blacks are underrepresented in the ranks of combat troops: where's the NAACP calling for more of them at the front lines? But to get more of them as firemen or cops, we have the Federal government preventing qualified Whites from taking those jobs.

This is part of the fraud in the diversity/inclusiveness game. Blacks are 13% of the US population. Jews are 2%. Shall we make a law requiring that their "representation" in every walk of life, profession and activity shall match that number?

The real issue is wanting to have historically less or un successful groups become numerous in positions of power, wealth and prestige. As if mere numbers granted this and the lack of same were due to some nefarious plot.

This whole paradigm is overrepresented in BS and underrepresented in reality.

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