Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In support of Google and Wikipedia

who are protesting the SOPA bill, and inspired by urgings from Trevor the OVO and Phil the OP (unlikely cyberfellows) I did something astonishing. I contacted Nancy Pelosi --who is, lamentably, my House of Reps rep-- by email to say NO to SOPA. Now I have to go wash out my software.

As Phil wrote, and I think Trevor would agree:
The basic question for me is:  when has giving gov't bureaucrats more power to define and regulate our lives been a good thing?  The internet is one of the last arenas of truly free discourse in the U.S. 

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Nancy P. said...

Dear Mr. exCathedra:
It is little people like you who make this a great country. I am proud to represent you in Washington.

By working together, we can guarantee another term for President Obama.

Keep up the good work!

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