Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confiteor, again

This is getting to be a habit.

I have Bravo on my TV favorites list. I thought I had a reason for that, that a program I like to watch is carried on Bravo, even though most of what's on there is drivel.

Speaking of which, I got caught with...The Millionaire Matchmaker, a woman who hooks up rich people in LA with potential mates. She had a guy looking for a guy this time. So I stopped. Handsome, handsome fella. I was curious. But if I hear one more millionaire homo go on about how spiritual he is and how he wants a metaphysical guy...with a six pack and a big dick...who cares about the environment.

Now I ask myself, who are the aliens here, me or them? Yikes.

Makes me glad I have a chance with The Boyo. He's not spiritual and doesn't have a personal relationship with Gaia.

And now I can't find any reason to have Bravo on my list. What did I used to watch? So, we're scratching it.

PS. Ah ha! House. That's on Bravo on Saturday evening. That's why I have it on my list.


Anonymous said...

But you need the Gaia-pretentious anti-masculine homosexuals to constitute the base above which are distinguish'd the androphile as the noble! Heidegger, you will remember, slamps "bogus authentic" vs "genuine authentic" into the noble/base or gennaios/kalos vornehm/gut distinction. Where would you be ontologically without anti-manhood gay males?
jp mills, confetti-er

DoDoGuRu said...

I enjoy Top Chef when it's on, but yeah... the Millionaire Matchmaker gays are obnoxious.

It might just be, though, they the show would naturally oversample a particularly obnoxious group of arch-hippies from LA.

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