Monday, August 20, 2007

No Yanqui, so go home

Illegal immigration is an issue which provokes sputtering rage in me. So when Senor(a or ita) Arellano made her speech today about "believing in her heart" --a standard American rhetorical device for avoiding criticism, beloved of evangelicals-- that the people of America would not want to separate a mother from her child...she was right. This gringo American does not want her separated from her son.

Very simple. Take him back to Mexico with you!


Anonymous said...

Ex-Cathedra, you're way too logical. You imply that we are all somewhat responsible for our own actions, decisions, and all of the resulting repercussions.

If I can't blame my family, my job, my religion for my screwed up going-over-the falls-in-a barrel life, who can I blame.

It's not my fault. Ex Cathedra, you seem responsible. It's your fault.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

You're right, anonymous.
I take full responsibility for you.
And I am sorry.

Anonymous said...

Wow, ex cathedra, that's a relief.

I'm wondering if you can do something about the size of my male member. Don't get me wrong; we've been very happy together for years. but with the shrinking economy in the US., it would be good if something were expanding besides waists.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

Well, I have been known to provoke expansion in that area...but there's a limit even to my responsibilities.

Anonymous said...

She is an agent provocateur and her son is only the bomb she's throwing.
Who and where is the father? Nobody wants to ask that question.

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