Monday, August 27, 2007

Back in the saddle

Back now from my 16 day jaunt back to the East Coast for vacation and will be settling into the fall routine soon. Good time. Good food, interesting and familiar places, some very nice man-on-man play, being with people I care about, getting to sleep whenever I want....I love to nap on vacation, never do it at home...and even took up fishing again, something I did a lot as a kid. I do like my family. The maternal unit was in good shape and my sibs --including my sibs in law-- are a pleasure. Dad is getting quite frail. Poor fella; he's bored most of the time, given how limited his capacities are.

In the small North Fork town where my family has summered and then lived for decades, the local fishing station, Capn SoandSo's, is for sale. One of my charming married-with-children brothers suggested that I move there and buy it. "It'd be perfect for you", says he. Knowing the boy as I do, I suspect what's coming...and was not wrong. "Just think of all those butch guys passing through there all the wouldn't even have to bait the hook!" Appalled --LOL-- I say, "Are you trying to pimp me out?". He smiles, "What are bros for?"

I am one lucky fella.

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