Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Another defector

A longish and entertainingly rambling piece by American writer, playwright and now-former Boomeroid David Mamet.

I remember seeing, courtesy of my wonderful and mostly liberal sister, his incendiary Oleanna. If you want to see a play that makes you react, this is it! I have to say that the pre-cerebral reptilian rage of the student character was one of the turning points on my road to the Right. (Sorry, sis, I know it isn't what you wanted.)

I was recently astonished to find him producing The Unit.
It was well written; I didn't just watch it because of Max Martini* and Dennis Haysbert.

Today Mamet announces his departure from the Boomeroid world of strange contradiction, where people are really good at heart and the world is hopelessly screwed up at the same time, and all the bigs of the world are at fault (big corporations, big military, etc) and the solution is the biggest of them all, big government.

His reading of the Founding Fathers' Constitution as a brilliant creation by men of experience with a tragic vision of our all-too-human race matches mine (and shows the influence of Thomas Sowell, who was also instrumental in my Fall From Grace).

Why I Am No Longer A 'Brain-Dead' Liberal.

(With apologies to my friends and loved ones who are politically liberal; I don't think you're brain-dead, just wrong. And I love you anyway, too; the same courtesy you extend to me. And thank you for that. Really.)

*Somethin' about Martini's combo of Irish looks and Italian soul really gets me going. Don't know why :-)

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Anonymous said...

I was quite - pleasantly - surprised to see his article in VV. It came just after my third reading of Fallaci's "Force of Reason".

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