Sunday, April 26, 2009


Former Episcopal minister Ann Reddings, who converted to Islam and maintained she was still a Christian, was deposed from her orders in early April. Yet she apparently took part in the vesting ceremony for new Episcopal deacons in Seattle.

I am watching The Tudors these days. The Prior of the Carthusian monastery in London was hung, drawn and quartered by order of Henry VIII simply for refusing to accept him as head of the Church. Now a Muslim ex-priestess gets to vest deacons. Quite the evolution for Henry's Church.

One of the commenters on this story, reflecting on the 21 month period of discussion and discernment that preceded the defrocking, had a humorous thought:

In the Catholic Church the period of discernment would have been shortened to a period of about 10 seconds which would have given the priest time to formulate an answer to the Bishop’s question “Are you nuts?”


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