Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Paradise, lost

Many men, whether it be their fate, or fond opinion, easily perswade themselves, if God would but be pleas'd a while to withdraw his just punishments from us, and to restraine what power either the devill, or any earthly enemy hath to worke us woe, that then mans nature would find immediate rest and releasement from all evils.

But verily they who think so, if they be such as have a minde large enough to take into their thoughts a generall survey of human things, would soon prove themselves in that opinion farre deceiv'd.

For though it were granted us by divine indulgence to be exempt from all that can be harmfull to us from without, yet the perversnesse of our folly is so bent, that we should never cease hammering out of our owne hearts, as it were out of a flint, the seeds and sparkles of new misery to our selves, till all were in a blaze againe.

John Milton
The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce

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DoDoGuRu said...

Milton is one of my favorite authors. It's a pity that modern academia is on a crusade against the classic canon... It's hard to find more than a passing mention of him these days in school.

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