Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Roses and names

Dutchman Geert Wilders, author of Fitna, is regularly described in the press as a "far-right" politician.

Assuming that this is true,
what do you know about him now
on the basis of that description, "far-right"?

And if I were to say to AG Eric Holder, one of our current crop of national schoolmarms, "Guess what. I don't want to be part of your nation of cowards anymore. I am giving up the pretenses. I am a racist."

What would he or you
know about me now
that you didn't know before?

Much of what appears to be discussion of concepts and ideas is really the acting out of complexes. Complexes are autonomous patterns of perception, attitude and action, driven by feelings and image. That is why my analysis of the Seven Pillars of Liberalism comes down to an image: George W Bush as the embodiment of the White Male Capitalist Christian Patriotic Gun-Owning Consumer.

With "far-right" complex, I think we have the image of the Nazi: again, a White Male who uses Nationalism and Militarism to oppress freedom and difference in favor of an upper class and ethnic oligarchy. Hitler, the Afrikaaners, Franco, the Pinochets, etc. To be called "far-right" evokes the images of Nazism: concentration camps, genocide, nationalist war, etc.

As John Ray points out, the taxonomy which puts conservatism in the same camp with National Socialism, rather than with its fellow Socialist ideologies where it belongs, is one of the great leftist lies and coups of the last century.

And as for "racist". KKK. Bull Connors. Long time ago. It describes Don Imus, but excludes Louis Farrakhan, excludes Hamas but encompasses Israel. That's because only whites can be racist, or so the doctrine goes. (Anyone who thinks that has no friends "of color", believe me.) It is so complex-ridden that actual rational discussion about it grinds to a halt almost as soon as it begins. This is one of the most useless words in our vocabulary.

Up there in vapidity with, though far more dangerous than, "open-minded" or "spiritual."


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