Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Responding to Eric Holder

Now here's a group we need to integrate :)
into the post-cowardly discussion on race...
"because they don't have the luxury
of being single-issue".

One of the vegobloggerettes says that her cuisinal practice
"offers me the opportunity to resist the colonial influences that the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow and forced poverty has forced onto my people’s diets."


I found these exotics thru my usual semi-free
association style, via a page from a womyn
whose PC-itude was enough to suck all the air
out of my patriarchal living room. She has been
a writer for Bitch Magazine. Her blog is
called My Ecdysis. That means molting.
It is a place "where
radical love meets feminism."

Example of this meeting:

"The face of G*d for me is the liberation of those in pain, myself included. My definition of feminism is not a worded explanation, limited by my westernized and elitist tongue. It is a drive, dare I write spiritual drive, to do what I can, when I can, and make one thing, or as many things, better for another human being born in my lifetime, on our planet, this place we all call home. With all the mystery and fear in my body, soaked in ethnocentric alcohol, I sober my life by sitting on the edge of my bathroom sink and pulling the bathroom mirror into my face.

I look up.
Really. I did not make that up. Really. I'm gonna go put some ethnocentric alcohol on my westernized and elitist tongue.

Pogo? Pogo, where are you?


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