Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hateful profiling, Liberal style

What, according to our moral and intellectual betters,
 are the great problems of the world? The problems for which they have the solutions.

Racism. Poverty. The oppression of women. Imperialism and colonialism. Religious intolerance. Violence, especially war. Environmental degradation.

Who, according to Liberals,
is behind these evils?

Racism? Whites.
Poverty? The exploitative rich*, and their preferred economic system, capitalism.
Oppression of women? Males and our patriarchal privilege.
Imperialism and colonialism? The WhiteWestern nation-state.
Religious intolerance? Christianity.
Violence, especially war? The military and the martial male mind-set.
Environmental degradation? Consumerism in the developed world.

So, if you want to know who the great enemy of the world for Liberals is,
you have the elements for a profile:

A white, capitalist, male, patriotic,
Christian, pro-military Western consumer.
Remind you of anyone?

Pretty simple, huh? (Or, in my fading Canadian, "eh?")

So it only makes simple sense, that anyone who has the least interest in the future of our species and our planet, --who wants to be good, caring, conscious, enlightened and progressive, etc. -- would adapt the obvious antidotes to this great evil:

multiculturalism vs. white racism
redistributionism vs. capitalist-caused poverty
feminism vs. male oppression of women
transnationalism vs. nationalist imperialism
pacifism vs. violence, guns and the military war-machine
secularism vs. rightwing Christian intolerance
environmentalism vs. Western, esp. American, consumerism.

Pretty simple, huh? (Or, in my fading Canadian, "eh?")

PS. To any of my Tighty Righty colleagues who find themselves puzzled by BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome), I offer the above as a clue to the cultural complex that may be involved. This outline is a step in fulfilling my promise of Dec 27 2006 --which you no doubt recall-- to elaborate on the Seven Pillars of Progressive Liberalism. More proof that, pardoning the blasphemous comparison, "the wheels of USMale grind slowly, but they grind exceeding......slow."

PPS. In the interest of full..well, tactical...disclosure, I admit that I fall prey to BDS when W starts talking about Mexican immigration.

*This only applies to the "corporate" who are not Democrats. If you are George Soros or any of the massively wealthy Hollywood elite or the groovy technocrats of Silicon Valley or a former Democrat president who makes multimillions by giving speeches, you are not considered "rich" for this purpose.
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