Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A group of someones attacks a notsobright man

Taken from the wire services:

WEST SACRAMENTO Apr 18 A train engineer is hospitalized after officials say he was attacked by a mob that dragged him from an Amtrak train it had forced to stop by standing on the tracks.

An Amtrak official says the engineer on the Capitol Corridor train was en route from the San Francisco Bay area and approaching Sacramento when he encountered the group of people

Officials say after the stopping the train, the engineer opened the door, was pulled off and then assaulted with rocks and bottles. The engineer was taken to the UC Davis Medical Center with head injuries and possible internal injuries.

Union Pacific police arrested one person who is a minor. They are still looking for several other suspects. The city of West Sacramento is now working with Union Pacific to try and prevent more incidents like this.

My kweschun: If the characteristics of this "group of people" may not be mentioned ---and you can likely guess why-- why can the gender of the engineer be mentioned? Might not it contribute to the sexist impression that males are stupid enough to open a door to "a mob", which included in it at least "one person who is a minor"?

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