Monday, April 30, 2007

Regina dentata

I was feeling better today. Trotted over to do my workout. Sun was out. Chatted with some guys I know. Moving along nicely. Pretty upbeat, which is a nice change from the last week or so.

Then comes one of the gym's patrons with his long-suffering trainer. And I couldn't blot him out.

He gabs endlessly while the trainer tries to get him to work out. And, as one of the other guys said, "If you overhear him, his conversations basically come down to, 'I'm right and you and everyone else is wrong and let me tell you why.'"

He is an exemplar of the Queen. And it just rubbed me the wrong way and actually made me a little queasy in the stomach. It's not just the style and the timbre of the voice, irritating enough, but the humorless narcissistic content of the rant and its emotional metamessage of shock and dismay and appallment at all the lower forms of life that he is so unjustly exposed to.

God, I don't want to belong to any group that he belongs to. Do they still have room with the androphiles?

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