Thursday, October 08, 2015

Indecent exposure

One of the Alt-Right sites I read and whose podcasts I listen to engages in constant verbal transgression, using every conceivable term that our masters have taught us are not only unsayable but unthinkable.

Decent people would find the language deeply offensive or, condescendingly, adolescent. But decent people, I have come to suspect, are prisoners of their enemies, having been lured into thinking that their decency has any value at all for those who hold them in contempt.

Part of the above lingo is what decent people would call rank homophobia. But I don't blame these guys. They are young (30s+), White, straight, Gentile males. And they quite accurately realize that they are being screwed. And that the so-called "LGBT community" is one phalanx in the army raised against them.

Although pretty well every therapist I know is a garden-variety San Francisco liberal, including the Jungian analysts who imagined themselves possessors of some kind of superior insight, it is my role as a psychotherapist that has played a part in my migration to the far Right.

When I work with people, I look for the throw-away line or the Completely Avoided Subject, etc as clues to what powers might be alive in the room but hidden. Including the parts that the Waking Ego would dismiss as "crazy." These marginalized or denied images and voices often carry truths that the Waking Ego cannot bear but may --and the word is may-- need to recognize and listen to.

That's part of how I started paying attention to the "Right-wing crazies," as possible messengers of the culture's soul. And discovered that they have a lot of denied and repressed reality to show.

As I have done before in my analyses of the Seven Headed Hydra or the Seven Spoked Wheel or the Seven Pillared Temple of our masters' now hegemonic religion, I tried to find the complex, the emotion-driven image, hiding inside the discourse. And here's what I discovered:

At the heart of the multicultural fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of the White race. 
At the heart of the genderist fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of White men, especially heterosexual men.
At the heart of the redistributionist fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of economically successful Whites. 
At the heart of the pacifist fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of White male physical power 
At the heart of the globalist fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of the White nation-state. 
At the heart of the secularist fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of the White religion of Christianity 
At the heart of the environmentalist fantasy is envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of the White consumer.

I have never before explicitly included the racial element in all the seven points, but it has become clearer to me that this qualifier is accurate. Reb Benjamin Disraeli said that, "All is race. There is no other truth." All the exceptions that the Left makes in each of these areas --hating the One Percent except for Hollywood, HipHop and Sports-- shows how central to the whole business is anti-White and especially anti-White Male hatred. As long as they are not allied to conservatism, People of Color are almost universally exempted from the excoriations of the SJW's and their leaders.

If you accept the very wise taxonomy of Samuel Huntington about the spectrum of group relations ranging from friends to allies to competitors to antagonists to enemies, you can see that if you are a
White male, the new religion is your enemy, that is, seeks your destruction.

And if that's the case, then the pretense of decency and the requirement of  "civil discourse" is simply mystification. Although Marx used the term from his perspective, it is now the "decent" people who are its victims. To paraphrase RD Laing's version,
mystification is a plausible misrepresentation of an activity or a goal, in the service of the interests of one group over/against another group . By representing forms of attack as forms of benevolence, the attackers bemuse the attacked into feeling at one with their attackers, or even into feeling gratitude for their attack, and lulled into feeling bad or mad even to think of rebellion."

When your existence is under threat from a group and a religion fueled by envy, resentment and ultimately murderous hatred of you, all mystified as a quest for a cosmic justice which you, as a decent person, should support, what is your option?

The very bad and mad language of these younger White males is a necessary response to their Blue Pill entrancement, an assertion of Red Pill awakening to the murderous Matrix in which they now find themselves.



-A said...

You never tell us any of the other sites that you support. Whether for images of handsome men or other Alt-Right pages. I would like to know where you go for these podcasts. I agree with everything you said and I want to hear other men who think this way.


Anonymous said...

The presentation of homosexuality in the public sphere is profoundly damaging – its absorption as a sub-group of liberal victimhood, diversity-embrace and redistribution is the root of the aggressive comments from straight young males. In fact we share the same threats to our traditional culture and ethnic survival. Jack Donovan is an exception to the liberal/Marxist norm but he is unusual. Peter Whittle – a gay man standing now as UKIP candidate for Mayor of London – has in the past written on the wilful ignorance of gay men in pointing outthat the embrace of Islam is the greatest single threat to their safety. It appears that 70-something percent of British Muslims believe that homosexuality should be punished “in some way” (throwing off pillars? Life imprisonment?). In contrast, while the Right does very much include the comments you mention, there is a significant body of sanity that recognises that gay white males are no more than an interesting footnote within the European Family and – hence - potential allies: the enemy is elsewhere.


DESMOND said...

Both the post and Hugh's response got me thinking about the phrase 'straight acting'. Is it some form of labrl GAYS place on us who are proud of our masculinity but wich to share our private intimacies with other men.

we are not camp

we are not trans

we are bot sissy bitches.

we ARE men .

if those who share our world view understood this, the unity that Hugh speaks about may become a reality. It also could act as a 'road map' for younger men who wIsh to express who they are but deplore victimhood.

I say this as a proud white man who happens to be disabled and happens to like men.


Anonymous said...

I can only guess you are perusing Taki Mag, or like publication. I could be wrong, of course. As a hetero male in the Bay Area, I do have gay friends, all of whom would gleefully identify politically as socialist. I do my best. I'd just like to voice my appreciation for your commentary.

DrAndroSF said...

Thanks, J.

TakMag is one of the sites I read. And worse!

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