Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hard sayings, continued

Unless we embrace the very thoughts and attitudes which we are most powerfully forbidden to think or hold --or even consider--, we will not be able to survive.

As I watch the European Eloi standing in the streets, staring helplessly as the hordes of Muslims if they had no armies who could stop them...I think that only the banned and excoriated beliefs --which to our ancestors were common sense-- can possibly awaken us to our real situation.

What is most taboo is in fact most necessary.


1 comment:

-A said...

It does seem that those very taboo things are rising up as the common sense they should be. The only real tragedy will be that it might be coming too little too late. However, the faux elites are quite trembling at the idea that Germans are unhappy with invaders. Did you come across anything like this lately?


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