Saturday, October 31, 2015

A pattern

Watching an updated program on the Neanderthals, I find echoes of an attitude I often run across in contemporary discourse, a combination of self-absorption and self-hatred.

The older view was that when Homosapiens entered Europe, we competed with them and drove them to extinction. Result: we are evil genocidal murderers.

The newer view is that we mated with them on a more or less equal basis and that they show evidence of behaviors much like ours. Result: we are arrogant to have thought we were better then they were.

A lose-lose.


1 comment:

-A said...

For all of the evidence that we came from Ur, these people are also still pushing that good old "Out of Africa" theory. They just cannot come to grips, can they? We likely did indeed have interbreeding with Neanderthals as Homo sapiens. The same group likely did the same thing with Denisova over in East Asia. After all the fucking...there were no more of either non sapien left. Gee, wonder if we moved in, miscegenated and systematically replaced their populations? At least the Neanderthal likely gave us the genes that made us such good painters. Thanks gramps.


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