Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exploding head

A stupid story about some SNL and ACLU thing about White Male Privilege made my head explode this morning on Facebook:

Any of you Foolish Caucasians who fail to realize that these people and their allies and enablers are out to destroy you, wake the fuck up. Whites have privilege because Whites create Western civilization. It's called culture and all culture includes structures of privilege. Whites, as a group, have "privilege" because we have EARNED it as a group, creating worlds where other groups get to be eternal parasites and then moan about it. Example: People like this fraudulent bitch, whose people cannot create or maintain civilizations, (and who are only 1/8 of the population, not the 2/3 who are White) get Victim Privilege, which lets them whine and blame eternally to avoid the blunt facts that they are responsible for their own failures. The whole privilege game is an Alinsky strategy to get you to commit suicide so these losers can take your stuff. I am so sick to effing death of this BS.

To quote a very reactionary and rayciss meme: If we had a country of our own, this shit wouldn't be happening.

Lions and hyenas can never be anything but enemies.



-A said...

Ooooooooh! So close, sweety. The phrase is actually "Sick to fucking hell of this bullshit. You get an A+ for speaking the truth on FagHook though. Extra credit if you call Fuckersperg the kike eunuch of Angela "unfuckable cunt pig" Merkle!


-A said...

I think I already know what your next post is going to be about. ^^


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