Sunday, October 04, 2015


I finally got tired of all the grief it took to make my PC laptop work, so after 35 years of Microsoft, I have bought a Macbook Air and am in the process of migrating, Mohammed-like :), to the world of Apple.

Where apparently, Eve's first bite is memorialized in logo.

 I've had an iPhone for several years now and have gotten used to that way of things. Now the old dog must learn new Mac tricks.

Like any migrant --funny how loaded that word has become of late-- I look forward hopefully but I also run into puzzling changes and what appear to be cultural impasses.

One of these is Blogger.

Mac's new image program, Photo, is crapola. Everyone hates it, it seems, not just newbie me.

One of its side-effects is that I cannot upload photos or images that I have stored on the Mac. (The dog's breakfast that resulted from Photo's "importing" of my 6K image library and destroying my folder and file system is only part of it).

So, in my current mood of trying to upgrade and renew what I can in my life, --which mood often comes upon me in Octobers-- I took a shot at a Wordpress blog. And discovered much to like about it.

So, I may very well move ExCathedra to Wordpress.

If I do, I will certainly leave a link here for my dozen(s?) of dedicated readers to leave Blogger's Microsoft Medina with DrAndro aka USMaleSF aka ExC and migrate to Mac Mecca, where they will find DrExCathedra still ranting and bloviating at a new Wordpress site.

I'll let ya's know.


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-A said...

October is my favorite month. I like the whole of fall and winter but, I guess it is because I like pumpkin ice cream and it always comes in season in Georgia in October. Look forward to the new blog.


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