Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The Nuns' Stories

Two US nuns who belong to liberal congregations part of the LCWR printed an article in the liberal Jesuit mag America, purporting to challenge the notion that liberal orders are dying,

while the orthodox ones of CMSWR are growing.

Despite their puffed up ethical promise to provide data without bias, their first bit of info gives the game away:

One of the most striking findings regarding new entrants is that almost equal numbers of women have been attracted to institutes in both conferences of women religious in the U.S. in recent years. As of 2009, L.C.W.R. institutes reported 73 candidates/postulants, 117 novices and 317 sisters in temporary vows/commitment. C.M.S.W.R. institutes reported 73 candidates/postulants, 158 novices and 304 sisters in temporary vows/commitment. 
The CMSWR was founded as an orthodox alternative to the much larger LCWR. 80% of US nuns are part of LCWR the number of entrants and new members, while "almost equal", is greatly disproportionate. If a group of 800 people grows by 20 and a group of 200 people grows by 20...well, you can see the difference between a 2.5% and a 10% increase. Were these Sisters not paying attention when Sister taught them math?

You don't have to have a degree in statistics to see that what is not being said makes a lot of difference. Applicable to a lot of things.


Anonymous said...

Odd that the second ("conservative") group, the one that doesn't go on and on about "Celebrating our diversity!", is the only picture with someone non-White in it.
Or maybe not....

Anonymous said...

The "Progressive" sisters themselves report that their joiners have a median age in the low 40s.

Faith and Fatherland said...


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