Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rightier than thou

For firing John Derbyshire over his inconvenient truths about racial groups, National Review editor Rich Lowry has taken a lot of lumps from the farther Right.

This is a particularly charming lambast.
The most recent highlight is an indignant whine scribbled by perennial pubescent Rich Lowry, whose cherubic and innocent visage matches his political sophistication but conceals the reality that he’s a 44 year old man.

Lowry has never written anything of lasting importance, and his prose has not graduated from the conservatism by the numbers style taught by Beltway Right institutions to socially maladjusted college students. By aping Republican talking points and taking care never to dwell into forbidden territory, they can guarantee at least some form of a living in the American Right’s own unique form of affirmative action.

Proudly, avowedly, unabashedly, Lowry knows the role of American conservatives – to be good losers so they can argue with lesbians like Rachel Maddow.

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