Monday, August 13, 2012

Liberal Catholics

seem to project their Inner State on the Church, expecting it to take up all the joys of egalitarian democracy of the Democrat persuasion, while projecting their Inner Church onto the State, pulling for it to be the source of charity, morality and community. The worst of both worlds.

And while enthusiastically severing any connection between Christian doctrine and the State, these secularizing crypto-Constantinian believers nevertheless advocate for the non-religious State to enact programs and policies based on the highest forms of Christian morality*. The expect Caesar to act like God while adamantly resisting that Caesar should know anything in particular about Him.

*Christian morality in regard to wealth and resources. NOT Christian morality in regard to sex and the family. Imposing the former is "fidelity to the Gospel", while imposing the latter is "dogmatic intolerance unacceptable in a pluralistic society."

Our poor Founding Fathers didn't want the State and the Church to be linked, as they were in England. What they could not have imagined is that in America, the State itself would eventually become the State Church.

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