Friday, August 31, 2012

Mystery within enigma, etc.

Few discussions are as likely to provide examples of absolute assurance based on complex and shifting data than What Causes Homosexuality? 

Twin studies show that there is a genetic component, at least in the people it studied, but it is not infallible. Not surprising, given the complexity of genetics.

And, in one of my few agreements with postmodern lingo, I suspect that talking of homosexualities rather than a monolithic homosexuality is useful, and that a single mechanism may be the wrong question.

Besides, as Charles Tripp remarked many years ago, --and I think it's still true--who really knows what causes heterosexuality?

All I know is that I have never known any other kind of erotic inclination. My very few attempts to try such a connection with a woman left me completely unmoved.


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Arimathean said...

I think you are on the right track here. I have argued for years that homosexuality is not a single thing, but a phenomenon or symptom that can arise from a number of different underlying causes - some biological, some environmental, some psychological. Therefore, trying to mandate a single, uniform approach to all instances of homosexuality cannot work. In cases where homosexual orientation is rooted in biology, it is probably not going to be "cured" by any treatment. But in other cases, where it is tied to psychological trauma, there would be nothing compassionate about demanding that the victim learn to live with his orientation. Like everyone else, homosexuals should be treated like unique individuals, not corralled into a single "class".

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