Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I am not the only homosexual man who is less than totally taken with "gayness." The whole LGBT etc. thing. In my immortal phrase, sexual Yugoslavia.

There are two groups I know of, on line presences, representing how many guys I have no idea at all, who have named themselves quite differently and in conscious rejection of gayness. One participant who has a blog, writes that
I think of myself of "homosexual," rather than "gay," because "gay" sounds retarded, whereas "homosexual" has a nifty futuristic sound, like "nanotech" or "hologram" or "UltraSuede."
A sense of humor.

For both of these groups, the great No-No is anal sex. Rejecting that as degrading, dangerous and dirty, The Frot Warriors make what is unappealingly called "frottage" the central and sole male-with-male sexual activity. And the G0ys...gays spelled with a zero...think that "butt-phukin" is gross as well.

I am a great fan of frot. And although I recognize the ambiguity of "butt-phukin",  I find it pretty compelling. So I can't go along with these guys' sexual rule. From the pix, kissing seems to be just fine, but oral sex is simply not talked about.

Even though their sites are a bit wired, febrile even --I can sympathize, given the prevailing gay culture-- they at least are man-loving men who love being men and love men who love being men. Which was, I once naively thought, the point of the whole thing.

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