Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I expected little to no good from the Obama administration. I have always been immune to his "charisma" ---and seem to have more company there than I used to--and it was always very clear to me that on policy he would be a left-progressive. Not my kinda guy. Pretty simple.

But I have been surprised by a few things. His ineptitude and rookiness, especially in dealing with international affairs, was unexpected, even though his shameful "post-American" kowtowing to foreign rulers and interests was not. Perhaps I should have been warned by his reference to our 57 states and the Austrian language.

But his narcissistic testiness and inability to brook disapproval of any kind was not something I would have predicted. Even less, however, his bush-league (sic) tactics in response. For example, the White House attitude that Fox News is not a "traditional news organization" and therefore need not be treated as a press organ...that is a head-turner.

George Bush was no prize in a lot of ways. But in the face of being constantly pilloried and savaged by the mainstream press for eight years, Mr. Bush never took it upon himself to exclude the bien-pensants clones of CNN, NBC, MSNBC etc. because of their manifest and overwhelming contempt, animus and bias.

Obama's attitude toward the one media voice not slobberingly devoted to him seems un-presidential, peevish, childish, adolescent, cowardly and utterly without manly dignity.


And what do the ratings say?


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