Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Amen, Brutha!

The latest installment in the Race Game is Harry Reid's. When I heard what he actually said, I thought, well, for once, he is telling the truth. How can the truth be racist?

And I heard George Will say as much on TV, that for once Harry had said something everyone can agree with. The other commentators at the table were aghast. "His statements are racist, without question!", cried one female chatterer.

Why? Harry has much to apologize for, much to answer for, but these remarks are not one of those things.

He opined on the qualities that would make Barry Hussein O a good candidate, an electable candidate. Light skinned. Able to code-switch between standard English and Black English.

He did use the once-obligatory but now unfashionable word "Negro". But so does the United Negro College Fund.

Is this not true? So what's the beef?

Ward Connerly agrees.
As does linguist John McWhorter.

Both black, negro, African-American, whatever.

I continue to hold that the word "racism" is essentially meaningless now except as a weapon against Whites, as "heresy" was against your enemies in the Middle Ages, or better, "witchcraft".

And the ritual of apology, etc. Demeaning and shameful. Even for Harry Reid.


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OreamnosAmericanus said...

John McWhorter makes good sense as usual and puts his finger on a lot of this stuff with his phrase "recreational antagonism."

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