Sunday, June 14, 2009

Left me cold

I have liked seeing the Donald Strachey gay detective films. Got a new one, Ice Blues, downloaded on a "torrent" program. I like Chad Allen, the lead. And I have liked the connection between him and his partner. But not so much this time.

The movie is slow moving, too long. The freezing cold of an Albany winter is one of the themes, and yet we see foliage and such which would not be around during those months. But what irked me most is the character of Timmy, the boyfriend. In the other films, he is played "sorta fey". In this one he is a dickless sissy, playing a clingy pseudo-wife. And you know how much I love that.

The low point is a scene where Don, the PI, is locked in mortal struggle with a bad guy who has a knife to his throat. Timmy shows up and finds a revolver and points it shakily at the assailant, commanding him to stop. The thug laughs at him and continues to fight. Timmy just trembles and cannot pull the trigger. Don kills the guy himself. When Timmy apologizes for being unable to kill --hardly sufficient atonement; dying of shame might approach it-- Don tells him that's why he loves him. WTF?

The Alpha-Beta dynamic in male-male relationships is pretty strong, but this particular story makes Timmy an Omega, a gutless girl. And in fact, one of the young girls in the porno harem shows more balls than he does. I hate this stuff.

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