Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Slouching toward Mecca

Barry Hussein O, president of "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world", and who has just recently grown "Muslim roots" is quick to mourn and condemn the murder of a doctor who specialized in late-term abortions, but apparently does not have the time to notice that one of those Muslims gunned down two of the Commander-in -Chief's soldiers on American soil.

Can you imagine the response if he had described America as "one of the largest Christian countries in the world"?

I am beginning to be tempted to hate this man.



Anonymous said...

America is one of the largest Christian countries and one of the largest Jewish countries. Understand the context man.

OreamnosAmericanus said...

There are at least 25 countries with more Muslims than the US' possible 6 million. So first off he is factually wrong.

And he has made a point of saying that US in NOT a Christian country. And he would never say anything like that about Jews, given his attitude toward Israel.

The context, man, is ass-kissing the Muslims.

Leah said...

I tried not to hate him. Didn't work. Maybe hate is too harsh of a word but there is absolutely nothing he has done that I approve of.
Destroying our economy, turning on Israel, coddling the muslim world.
Trying to have it both ways on abortion, when it is very clear that to him, Tiller was probably a hero for performing late term abortions.
I could go on and on, would rather just pray that God is still watching over this country and we have this president at thie time for a reason.

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