Thursday, September 06, 2007


Since I am a self-confessed (self-admitted, self-acknowledged, practicing)...American, I sometimes think I should balance out my patriotic attachment to my homeland with a series called "What's Wrong With America". It could consist of a list of names.

In serious competition for First Place: Michael Nifong vs. The President and Faculty of Duke University. Corruption masquerading as highmindedness: the besetting sin of the Boomers.

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Anonymous said...

We have indulged ourselves with a great slogan; "A nation of laws, not men." We must, however, not fail to consider a nation of men manipulating laws.
Have we failed to consider how many factors were manipulated into this travesty; from the various permutations of civil rights laws to common crimes ...not in the least an interpreation of perjury.

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