Sunday, September 02, 2007


BTW is cybershorthand for "by the way". I have learned that when someone overtly reduces the importance of the following remark by prefacing it with "by the way", we are actually getting to the heart of the matter.

So, BTW, my car got stolen.

It was old, so the insurance will provide very little towards replacement. I will have to discharge a chunk of change that I really can't afford. I will have to go through all the business of buying a new one. And I will have to play all the regulation, form-filling and on-the-phone and on-long-lines bullshit that comes with automotive regulation: titles, plates, insurance, registration, parking permits, etc.

The guys who stole it will not be caught.

I am trying not to let this ruin the next couple of weeks of my life, since, in the cosmic scale, it is annoying, and nothing more than that.

This, BTW, is how I actually feel about it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice split brained response to your car theft---on one hand, you get to be all magnanimous and say it's only a car, and on the other, you get to stick pins into voodoo dolls. Ah, it's the rational man's paradox.

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