Monday, September 17, 2007

Poor victims

Fashion supermodel Naomi Campbell...yes, I know who she ex, butch fella though he be, is a fashionista...played her victim race card recently and then, oops....I wonder when we'll hear her, "My bad.

And uberliberal MSNBC newsperson Keith Olbermann decides the Foxs News is worse than Al-Qaeda and The Ku Klux Klan. Wow. Even more credible than usual.

He must have been referring to Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera saying that if he saw anti-illegal immigration activist Michelle Malkin, he'd spit on her. Classy, no? Well, at least they got him to apologize.

We'll see if Naomi and Keith follow suit. Yeah.

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Cassandra said...

If you want to see something really whacked, check out Tom Maguire's post on Olbermann.

I was dying to write about it, but... well, Olbermann is never going to stop being Olbermann.


What a marooon.

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