Friday, July 15, 2011

Translation troubles

While battles still rage over the upcoming re-Englishing of the Latin Mass, I found a piece of it quoted in the original which shows so much the beautiful noble sonorous rhythms of which that language is capable:
Per quem hodie commercium nostrae reparationis effulsit, quia, dum nostra fragilitas a tuo Verbo suscipitur, humana mortalitas non solum in perpetuum transit honorem, sed nos quoque, mirando consortio, reddit aeternos.
As with all translations, meaning can be shared, but music...well, that's practically impossible. As the Italians say, Traduttore, traditore...again, with our meaning but less of the music...Translator, traitor.

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OreamnosAmericanus said...

A troubling slip. I mis-linked the words "quoted in the original" and wound up directing the reader to Allen Ginsberg's pretentious steaming piece of crap, Howl.

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