Thursday, July 14, 2011


Always a fan of languages, I find these words intriguing.

In English,
Spanish, Italian, French and German.

bostezo, sbadiglio, baillement, Gähnen
English and German are connected.
Spanish and Italian and French are connected.

picazón, prurito, démangeaison, Juckreiz
English and German are connected.
Spanish and Italian are connected.
French is alone, from the same word meaning "to eat".

rascar, grattare, gratter, kratzen
All five are connected.

I plead guilty to rank Eurocentrism. To say nothing of world-class time-wasting.

And to respond to an inquirer, the word laconic comes from an area around Sparta, Laconia, whose inhabitants were famous for being...laconic.

No relation to the famous statue of Laocoon.

St Peter Martyr enjoining laconicness,
or laconicity...or laconicality.

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