Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ethics and eros

A thought while driving home from the gym.

About Catholic sexual morality. The fulcrum is the axiom that the only virtuous (aka ends-respecting and non-sinful) use of sexual intercourse is between a married man and woman, open to procreation. If you loosen that principle, eventually you will not have a basic principle.

Joseph Ascrizzi, The Dance of Eros-Logos,
sepia drawing on an incised, water gilded, gesso panel, 6x10 inches

My  thought: You probably cannot have a concrete coherent and stable Christian sexual principle and at the same time do justice to all the realities of people who find themselves at odds with it.

And if you try to construct a Christian sexual morality that makes room for every sort of conditions and situation, I wonder if it could be specific enough to be concrete coherent and stable.

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