Thursday, July 19, 2007

Impressive guys, sorta, continued

If strength, courage and skill are necessary elements in manhood, then Ayan Hirsi Ali is quite a man. And clearly, she is a woman...a woman of strength, courage and skill.

Her amazing life story is outlined in the accessible but shifty Wikipedia, where it notes that she is writing yet another book: "Short Cuts to Enlightenment, a philosophical fantasy in which Muhammad wakes up in the New York Public Library and is "challenged by John Stuart Mill, Frederick Hayek and Karl Popper, [Hirsi Ali's] favourite liberal thinkers".

Below, see her take on, with quiet dignity, creepily vain Canadian progressive (redundant?) Avi Lewis, scion of the creepily vain Canadian progressive Stephen Lewis, he of the hyPerarTiCuLation. Avi blurts out anti-Yankee bumper-stickers. She tells the boy the truth. A hearty “You go, girl!”, is appropriate.

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