Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Skipped through a few episodes of Hustling, a gay+ web series about a former hustler trying to start a new career as a private chef in NYC. A sad soap opera, though the commentors seem to feel it is Shakespearean.  An empty world. Ah, well. I guess I'm of a different age now and culture. The lead guy is, objectively, a major hunk. He does for me, alas, nothing. As appealing as a new car.

Skipping through a few episodes of Looking, about Three Gay Boys And Their Lives In Contemporary SF. The draw is almost entirely Russell Tovey. Ah, Russell Tovey. Although having Scott Bakula in a steambath scene with Murray Bartlett has its appeal.

In both cases, the evil god Eros does his usual chaos. Hustling is pretty soulless. Looking is more stumblingly human. NYC vs SF?

Neither of these stories have much of any relation to my life at all anymore, old me. (Though some of the tumult I remember...and not that long ago.) The natural passage of time. And my typical way of "moving on." Although the magical draw between men is something I have never moved on from. Nothing else in the world like it.

With all its un-gayness, as it were, I like my moved-on world, with un-gay Mr B in it, a lot more.

A lot more.



Leah said...

the old curmudgeon, at least you are happy with your life.

Anonymous said...

Scott Bakula and Murray Bartlett. In a sauna. Together.

Oh, my.

Excuse, I'll be in my room. ;)


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